DevConf.IN'19 has ended
DevConf.IN is the annual Developer’s Conference organized by Red Hat, India. The event provides a platform to the FOSS community participants and enthusiasts to come together and engage in knowledge sharing activities through technical talks, workshops, panel discussions, hackathons and much more.

All you have to do is a FREE registration here. There is no admission or ticket charges applicable to be a part of the event. All the event activities will be in English.

We are committed to foster an open and welcoming environment for everyone at our conference. We have our inclusive code of conduct and media policies, which we expect to be duly adhered during the event.

When: August 2-3, 2019

Venue: Christ University - Bengaluru, India

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Registration Link: https://devconfin19.eventbrite.com

Last Date of Registration: 31st July, 2019

We request you to mark the talks you’re interested to help save time.
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Animesh Bansriyar

Principal Solutions Architect
Having spent the last 17 years working in Engineering and Solutions Architecture, Animesh likes to call himself a Systems designer and has been exposed to various technologies since 1999 when bumping into GNU/Linux by accident – from Applications running on Bare-metal to Virtual Machines to Containers to Serverless Computing, or from complex Monolithic Applications to web-scale Micro-Services Architectures. After dabbling in startups before startups were a rage, Animesh moved back to working in the Industry specifically in Internet, Messaging Systems, Network / Telecom Security, and recently Big Data and Data Science. Since the last year, Animesh is a Principal Solutions Architect at Elastic and designs large Analytics and Big Data platforms with the Elastic Stack for a living.