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DevConf.IN is the annual Developer’s Conference organized by Red Hat, India. The event provides a platform to the FOSS community participants and enthusiasts to come together and engage in knowledge sharing activities through technical talks, workshops, panel discussions, hackathons and much more.

All you have to do is a FREE registration here. There is no admission or ticket charges applicable to be a part of the event. All the event activities will be in English.

We are committed to foster an open and welcoming environment for everyone at our conference. We have our inclusive code of conduct and media policies, which we expect to be duly adhered during the event.

When: August 2-3, 2019

Venue: Christ University - Bengaluru, India

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Last Date of Registration: 31st July, 2019

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Friday, August 2


Outreachy a Road towards OpenSource & Ceph
Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program. Interns work remotely with mentors from free and open source software communities for three months.This internship program has two rounds each year. Outreachy's goal is to support people from groups underrepresented in tech. It helps newcomers to Free and Open Source Software make their first contributions.<br>https://www.outreachy.org/<br>Being an Outreachy Intern of May-August'18, worked for Ceph organisation.<br>I would like to talk about my internship experience, my first open source contribution, my journey towards Outreachy, challenges I have faced and overcame during the entire application process, getting into the program, and working with an open-source community and my work.<br>https://rpavani1998.github.io/2018/05/03/outreachy/

avatar for Pavani Rajula

Pavani Rajula

Student, BVRIT Hyderabad
CS Undergrad @BVRITHyderabad | Outreachy Summer Intern 2018 @Ceph | Microsoft Mentee | Tech Enthusiast | Python | Open Source Contributor


The Legal Side of Open Source
"The session will be focused on the legal side of open source like licensing. A lot of people know about the Open Source but very few people are aware of the importance of licensing in Open Source. Many people are confused about which to choose, which one is better for them.
Sharing creative work with the world can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also mean a bunch of legal things you didn’t know you had to worry about.
I will talk about why do people care about the legal side and why it is so important. I will also briefly talk about the different type of licenses available and Which open source license is appropriate for the project. What if someone wants to change the license of my project? Most projects never need to change licenses. But occasionally circumstances change."

avatar for Jogendra Kumar

Jogendra Kumar

Campus Expert, GitHub
Jogendra is pre-final year student at IIT (BHU) Varanasi. He is an iOS/Web Developer, GitHub Campus Expert and an active Open Source contributor. He did Google Summer of Code 2018 with FOSSASIA and mentoring/mentored Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In students.​https://gi... Read More →


Definitively Measuring Community Health
Open source has matured to the point where community leaders must have concrete data and evidence on how a community is succeeding (or not), beyond just a "feeling." But, as Brian Proffitt will describe in this talk, data will not solve this problem alone. All the data in the world won't help you find answers if you don't know what the questions are.

Brian will provide clear and focused guidance on what the right questions can be for a community and how to obtain the data communities need to determine their health, based on his work as a governing board member of Project CHAOSS.

avatar for Brian Proffitt

Brian Proffitt

Community Architect, Red Hat
Brian is a Senior Principal Community Architect for the Red Hat Open Source Program Office, responsible for community content, onboarding, and open source consulting. Brian also serves on the governing board for Project CHAOSS, a metrics-oriented approach to ascertaining community... Read More →


Community Management : Not less than a curry
I have been managing the Mozilla communities across the globe since 2015. Link: https://reps.mozilla.org/u/prathamesh/
Every volunteer joins an Open Source community for a reason. The reasons could range from technical gains to finding his/her/their passion. This community of diverse volunteers require a leader who can not just mentor them with their interests but also a manager managing the community activities in terms of community engagement and planning. A community manager is not less than a candle of light and in this presentation, I would be highlighting my learnings and experiences about starting a community from scratch around a project and maintaining a healthy community management practices.
A volunteer interested in community mgmt. can best benefit out of this presentation.

avatar for Prathamesh Chavan

Prathamesh Chavan

Technical Support Engineer, Red Hat
Do what you Love, Love what you do!


What hurts people in Open Source Community
To generate a thriving FOSS, most credible way is to generate a community which do not fall apart. Here prevention on degradation on quality is must as project can not be sustained for long without healthy community. Talk covers both symptoms and preventions for falling into holes where contributors fail to stay with project.

Short list of pointers to be covered are as following :

- Lack of recognition and credit for contribution.
- Bad elements which cause argue on name of discussion.
- Lack of focus on involving new blood into community.
- Lack of informal connection for sense of being belonged as family.
 - Absence of strong monitoring and ease of discussion about abusive or rude behaviour. 

avatar for Anuj Garg

Anuj Garg

Outreach Administrator, JBoss Community Outreach Programs
Anuj is an open-source enthusiast and administrator with JBoss Community Outreach Programs. He is an expert in Enterprise Java and web services. He loves to bring along the community for common good and spread awareness the benefits of Open Source.

Saturday, August 3


FOSSology–Efficient Open Source License Compliance
In collaborative project development, it is important to get an insight of the open source software, to determine involved licensing and license obligations. FOSSology is a software project that is specialized in identifying license relevant statements. It can also scan source code for Copyright notices, Keywords and Export control relevant statements. FOSSology lets users generate compliance documentation according to the organization's needs, in a variety of data formats (SPDX tag-value, RDF).
FOSSology, is a Linux Foundation collaboration project, licensed under the GPL-2.0. Recently, new technology and approaches has been introduced in FOSSology, which is going towards more automation by providing a REST API for example. This presentation explains how users can use FOSSology features.

avatar for Anupam Ghosh

Anupam Ghosh

Open source enthusiast, Siemens, India
Anupam is working with Siemens, India. He is an Open source enthusiast, GSoC mentor, developer and maintainer of Fossology community project in github. He has around 13+ years of IT experience cutting across Embedded system, Telecom, Application/Web development and Machine Learni... Read More →


Charting in Modern Design
As with anyone needing dashboards, we conceptualised a JS/SVG charts module for use in ERPNext. But with an unconventional focus: Design.

It involved an unbiased focus on elements representing data points and minimal design. And animating every element gracefully, in native SMIL to maintain zero dependencies. And making them interactive, being made for a dynamic medium: the web.

Their launch as a lightweight and minimum configuration library gained traction on HackerNews with 477 points, and over 12k stars on GitHub. They were ultimately featured in GitHub Octoverse 2018.

As the ideology in everything we do, we believe Open Source is the most efficient way to vitalise ideas. And with it, we'd like to show that our experience is replicable for anyone who creates well-designed utilities.

avatar for Prateeksha Singh

Prateeksha Singh

Open Source Developer, Frappé
Having worked as a full-stack dev for 2.5 years, I love to use what I build as a user myself, to make it more fulfilling in any way I can. As an open source enthusiast, most of my work has been on the full-stack web framework Frappe, used to build ERPNext. I authored a library called... Read More →


Fedora Silverblue — an immutable desktop OS!
Developing everything in containers? Then you might be ready for Fedora Silverblue — an immutable desktop OS built for container workflows! Silverblue is built on top of rpm-ostree providing atomic upgrades, easy rollbacks, and even installing individual packages when necessary. Come for a quick overview covering the basics of rpm-ostree, Flatpak (containerized graphical application), and the overall experience of using a container-oriented desktop.

avatar for Sumantro Mukherjee

Sumantro Mukherjee

Quality Engineer, Red Hat
I am Sumantro, work for Red Hat as a Quality Engineer in Fedora Quality Assurance team and a current Fedora Council member. I lead the efforts in Google Summer of Code and Google Code In across Fedora as Org Admin and mentor. Mostly, I love to work with technologies like IoT, VR/AR... Read More →